Valentine’s Champagne Cocktail Truffles


Hand-made with REAL Champagne! Caribbean Rum, Lemon and Mixed Spices – NO artificial flavouring used! Just fresh raw ingredients. The new base is delightfully light and full of flavour, just like a classic cocktail extending the experience within the mouth. Created with a hint of lemon, a generous splash of rum, a pinch of mixed spice which has been infused into the light caramel base to carry all of the new flavours on their journey, but never to overpower the unique taste notes of the Champagne. Using the correct amount of chocolate to carry the cocktail on its journey, of true indulgence…

‘This new revamped recipe, is slowing becoming a personal favourite! Shame it’s a limited product!’

Words from PWG himself.

The new limited edition holds double the amount of chocolate truffles to our standard Champagne Truffle line, at 200g min per pack.  Experience the new Indulgence while stock last, because when it is finished, its all gone………



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