Art Range One – 24 box


Inspired from our classic range.

Our new Art Selection, Range One, is made up of four unique flavours based on our concept and philosophy of ‘Indulgence is everything’.  We have allowed the main ingredients to speak for themselves, married with the right selection of chocolate to balance the flavours in the mouth, to create a journey and a truly memorable experience.

Each chocolate has been handcrafted and hand-decorated, with our innovative style and expression of chocolate artistry.   We have listened and also believe that chocolates should look as good as they taste, here is the first from our ‘Art Selection’.


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Vanilla Pod  

Created from two different origins of vanilla pods, the first, from Madagascar for its robust full flavour. The second, from Tahiti for its lighter but higher taste notes. These two different unique taste notes complement each other and once correctly infused together, gives a more rounded and fuller vanilla ganache experience. Balanced with the correct chocolate cocoa content, to enhance the natural flavours carrying through the light texture without overpowering the taste.

Lightly Salt Caramel   

Our modern twist on a growing classic, the depth of flavour is created from the perfect caramelised sugar. With a reduced amount of salt used to balance the flavours of the cooked sugars and butter to create a full flavoured ganache which give it a light texture but full of flavour.  Mixed with milk and dark chocolate to carry the created flavour to balance evenly within the mouth, light and delicate but full of caramel flavour.

 Passion Fruit

One of our signature chocolates made from passion fruit puree, no flavourings or compounds are used in the creation of this chocolate. Combined with the right selection of chocolate to enhance the natural flavour of the tangy passion fruit, creating a powerful full flavoured filling which is light to the taste and balanced with the right chocolate used to compliment and balance the acidity of the fruit.


Made from real raspberry puree, no oil based flavourings are used in making this smooth full flavoured ganache. It is balanced with the right amount of chocolate cocoa to enhance the natural berries delicate flavour without over powering it. Light to the taste but with full flavour another must from our selection as the demand for full rounded flavours, which are light in texture steadily grows.


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