I really need to go back to the beginning to give you the full story, so you understand where my love for Ecuadorian chocolate started and why it continues to grow.

Before my first trip to Ecuador which was a very exciting trip for me, well the first time for most things is the most exciting!

The very first chocolate I decided to use when I opened my company was a chocolate called Guayaquil, from the town of the same name in Ecuador.   A few years later, the opportunity to create a bespoke bust of a professional footballer and Ecuadorian native ‘Enner Valencia’ was presented.

Using the chocolate I love I created a unique display for charity.  So, how could I refuse the project?

The local charity which the occasion supported, is also from the same hometown where Enner Valencia grew up as a child. This just made the whole story and event more appealing to me and the more I fell in love with the Ecuadorian cocoa.

A local chocolate company by the name of ‘Hoja Verde’ decide to get involved which took the occasion to a new level, as their chocolate is one of the best in Ecuador and I could not wait to start working with it, honestly, the whole experience took on a life of its own and changed mine forever.

Hoja Verde is an independent chocolate manufacturer, a bean to bar company meaning they create their own chocolate straight from the bean.  The unique fruity flavour which they captured from the bean is amazing!  After sampling some of their unique chocolate I had to add it to the occasion, creating truffles, bonbons then I ran out of chocolate! Over 25kg later and let’s just say everyone was happy.

So please take a few moments to watch the creation of Valencia’s bust before I continue with the story.